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The Comfiest Going-Home Outfit for Mom After Birth (7 Items to Pack)

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Inside: You’ve packed the rest of your hospital bag, including baby’s going-home outfit, but you’re wondering what you should pack to wear home from the hospital. We’re sharing seven must-have items for the comfiest going-home outfit for mom after birth. Because hey, you delivered a baby: you deserve comfy.

A woman’s body is a beautiful and powerful thing. However, pregnancy and birthing a baby can change it significantly.

When you go to the hospital to deliver your little one, you’ll want to make sure your hospital bag is packed with a comfy going-home outfit that fits your post-baby body. This is an absolute must-have for every new mom.

One easy option is to wear maternity clothes. They may not fit quite the same after having a baby, but neither will your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

The benefit of maternity clothes is that they’re stretchy, comfy, and you likely already have a nice selection on hand without having to buy anything new.

If you’re looking to shop for something new, keep in mind that your postpartum body will go through many changes as well.

While you may want to buy the best quality you can afford, these aren’t likely staple pieces you’ll be wearing for many years to come. It’s okay to choose the budget-friendly option.

Below, we’ll share our recommendations for what to wear home from the hospital and how to put together a comfy and stylish (or at least non-frumpy feeling) going-home outfit.

Let’s get started. 

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pregnant woman sitting on floor of nursery and packing going home outfit in hospital bag

What to Pack as Your Going-Home Outfit After Birth (for mom)


There are those blessedly few mamas (that the rest of us secretly loathe) who look exactly like their pre-pregnancy self a few hours after they give birth.

But if, based on those very few women, you think your stomach is going to deflate like a balloon right after that baby comes out, think again. Your belly may still look six months pregnant (or even nine months pregnant).

And if you had a c-section, you will want to pay special attention to the pants you choose for your going-home outfit.

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Nursing Bra

When your little one is a newborn, you’ll want easy access if you plan to nurse. They seem to eat around the clock for the first few weeks (months!).

Nursing bras are a must-have for breastfeeding moms and definitely need to be included in your hospital bag, particularly for the trip home. 

Bonus Tip: Pack nursing pads, too! These come in both washable and disposable varieties, but they’re necessary when you’re leaking milk if you don’t want the evidence all over your shirt. Some hospitals send moms home with complimentary free boxes…but not all, so pack a box just in case.

Nursing Tank

Like nursing bras, nursing tanks are a staple in every new mom’s wardrobe. Depending on your preference, you may prefer to skip bras altogether at first and simply wear a nursing tank with a built-in bra instead.

Nursing tanks make a comfortable first layer in any new mom’s going-home outfit, no matter the weather outside. These especially come in handy if you have to pull over to nurse your babe on the way home.

Disposable Undies

Whether you give birth vaginally, or by c-section, there’s a lot of bleeding and discharge that happens down there. It’s not the most pleasant topic to talk about, but we won’t shy away from the facts.

Giving birth is messy. You don’t want any of your good underwear getting ruined.

The hospital often sends new moms home with a few of those uber-flattering mesh panties that you can pair with a pad and throw away after wearing.

Or alternatively, you can pick up a package or two of Depends (or ones designed especially for postpartum moms like THESE). I mean, if baby can wear diapers, why can’t mom? #amirite


Another new mom (not just new moms, every mom!) staple is leggings.

You could try your favorite maternity leggings because they have a large belly panel that will comfortably hold everything in after giving birth.

Or you can pick up any soft pair with a large waistband. But do consider sizing up.

Leggings work no matter the season and, like nursing tops, make a great base layer for any outfit whether you plan to dress up or dress down.

This is a wardrobe item you’ll wear long after being discharged from the hospital.

Editor’s Note: I personally find joggers to be more comfortable than leggings. They just have a little more give, and I think they can be more flattering. THESE are my favorite joggers that are the closest to the look of leggings – I look forward to laundry day, knowing these are coming back clean and ready to wear. They’re a pretty penny, but worth every cent. Highly recommend!

Tunic Top

Leggings and tunic tops go together like peanut butter and jelly — a classic combination. This outfit pairing flatters every body type.

Tunics are loose and flowy making them easy to pull up discreetly when you need to breastfeed. Plus, they’re ultra comfortable and layer perfectly over nursing tanks. 

While wearing leggings and a tunic, you’ll look pulled together but feel like you’re wearing pajamas. What more could any mom want!?

Long and Loose Cardigan

No matter the season, hospitals are cold all year round. Layers are your friend.

Having a soft sweater to slip on over your going-home outfit will help ward off a chill while being wheeled through the hospital halls toward your car. 

Long cardigans pair well with tunics and tanks and can easily be taken off if you get too warm, plus they keep your backside covered when you’re breastfeeding.

Cardigans will become a go-to staple in your new mom wardrobe. Trust us, you’ll see.

Slip-On Shoes

Another one of those not-so-fun parts about giving birth no one really talks about? Your feet swell.

Actually, your feet swell during pregnancy, but the swelling doesn’t automatically go away immediately after having the baby. It takes time.

Likely, you’ll leave the hospital with swollen feet, so you’ll want to plan your footwear accordingly.

If it’s summer, you can try some slip-on sandals. If the weather is cold, you can do some chunky fur-lined slides, or even slippers.

No one will judge you for choosing comfortable shoes, and if they do, they’re not your people.

Weekender Bag

When prepping for your hospital stay, packing a “go” bag is one of the most important tasks you’ll have on your list. When labor begins, you don’t want to have to think about the things you may need during and after the birthing process.

Ultimately, you’ll need clothing for you and your baby, going-home outfits, devices and their chargers if you want to stay connected with the outside world, postpartum necessities, hygiene items, and more.

Not to mention all the goodies the hospital sends home with new moms (hopefully).

Sure, you could pack these items in multiple bags — duffle bag for you, diaper bag for baby, and whatever bags you can wrangle up to get the hospital goodies home.

Or alternatively, you can pick up a nice weekender bag and pack everything together. Then, you’ll have a bag you can take on weekend getaways for years to come. 

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pregnant mom packing yellow suitcase with her clothes and baby clothes for the hospital

Good Luck Putting Together Your Going-Home from the Hospital Outfit!

While this isn’t a comprehensive “what to pack” list, we hope it gives you a basic formula for compiling your perfect, most comfortable, “I’m a rock star mom going home after birth” outfit. 

At the end of the day, remember that whatever you end up packing will probably be just fine. You’ll get home and be able to change soon enough, so don’t stress.

Congratulations, Mama! Enjoy those precious baby snuggles!

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