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Baby Shower Games That Aren’t Lame (If You Insist on Having Games, Make ‘Em Good)

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Inside: Baby shower games that aren’t overdone and cringeworthy? Yes, they really do exist. Here are eleven baby shower games that don’t suck – at least, in our opinion, anyways.

When any group of women plan a gathering, the question in the back of our minds is always…what are we going to DO, anyhow?

It seems like this shouldn’t be so difficult. Most women love to talk and just hang out. But when you’re planning a baby shower, for instance, it feels wrong not to have some pre-planned festivities in mind.

This is especially helpful when you’re mixing a group of people who might not know each other well, and may need some help breaking the ice, so to speak.

Hence, at some point in history, the dreaded baby shower games were born.

Why are they dreaded? I think it’s because they’ve gotten a bad rap.

Baby shower games have been associated with everything from The Disgusting (baby food taste test) to The Awkward (chewing up gum to resemble tiny pink babies – yes, really).

It’s no wonder you can feel like you’ve drawn the proverbial short stick, when you’re in charge of the baby shower games.

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pregnant woman at baby shower with friends, showing her an article of baby clothes.

11 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck


But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve hosted a fair share of baby showers over the years, so I’ve stockpiled a list of the best baby shower games that aren’t lame, or (too) weird, or just a big NOPE.

Here are the findings. We hope you find a couple games your guests will enjoy!

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1. Baby Shower Bingo

Bingo is always a safe bet. It’s practically a classic. 

It requires zero skill, and it’s hard to get too competitive with a game that relies on nothing but luck.

Guests are given a 5×5 blank Bingo grid with a FREE space in the middle. They fill in the blanks with gifts they think the mom-to-be will receive. 

As the mom opens gifts, guests mark their bingo cards with correct answers. First one to five in a row wins!

(Find a free printable bingo game here.)

2. Estimation Jar “Game”

I say “game” because this one straddles the line between game and activity (for hosts who think baby shower games are to be avoided at all costs).

I’m not sure what counting pieces of candy has to do with having a baby, but it tends to be a really popular game amongst expecting moms.

Simply fill up a large glass jar with candies and try to guess how many are in the jar. The closest guess without going over wins.

It also doesn’t require any special knowledge, or math, or any other embarrassing task like that.

Tip: Use blue or pink candies, OR pick a candy or small snack that matches your baby shower theme (think Skittles for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or Teddy Grahams for a Bear-themed shower).

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3. Baby Trivia

The fun thing about baby trivia is that you can make it hilarious (obscure, unknown facts), or sweet & simple (facts that most people will know).

Either way, the playing field is pretty level, and there won’t be any fistfights over the baby shower prizes. 

Grab our Free Printable Baby Shower Trivia Questions HERE.

4. Measure the Belly

It’s true that this game has been around forever, but there are many cute variations you could try. 

You can go traditional by handing out toilet paper squares and having guests guess how many squares will fit around mom’s belly. Or, try the colored yarn idea here

I recommend using this game with close friends who won’t be offended by this idea! (Most moms are rightfully proud of their bumps, though.)

5. Who’s the Baby?

This is one of my favorite baby shower games; it just takes a little planning. Ask your guests to bring one of their baby pictures, along with a recent picture.

Place the pictures in two rows. Label the baby pictures by number and the “now” pictures by letter.

Whoever can make the most correct matches, wins.

6. Who’s More Likely To…

Sometimes called the “Mommy vs. Daddy Game”, this is an easy activity to put together. 

You simply come up with a list of questions such as, “Who’s the most likely to change diapers in the middle of the night?”.

Have mom fill out the questionnaire before the shower. Guests then fill out the same sheet, and whoever gets the most matching answers wins.

Here’s a great list of questions we found.

7. Diaper the Baby

This hilarious game requires stuffed animals (one for each participant); cloth diapers (flour sack towels) and old-fashioned diaper pins.

If you want to skip the cloth diapers, grab a pack of disposable diapers, instead.

Here’s the fun twist: you have to diaper the “baby” with one hand behind your back. First one to complete the task wins!

8. Design a Onesie

Buy a pack of plain baby onesies or t-shirts and some fabric paint pens and other embellishments.

Think: ribbons, iron-on transfers, tye-die, etc. Give your guests time to design their onesie, and award a prize to the mom’s top pick (make sure they are anonymous lest mom pick her bestie’s onesie).

You could also give everyone a heads up to bring a onesie that they design ahead of time, but hey, the whole point is to fill up time at the shower, am I right?

9. Best Baby Names

Sometimes simple is best, and this one doesn’t require any planning at all. Give guests a slip of paper and set a timer for a few minutes while they think of a first and middle baby name.

 Let them know there will be categories for “We shoulda named baby this”, “Most creative”, and “Never would I ever name a baby that”. 

Put the slips in a jar or bowl, and let mom/dad read them all out loud, and choose winners for each category.

10. Pass the Gift 

This is a cute game that you probably haven’t played before. All it requires is a prize – a gift that would suit any guest.

Wrap your prize ahead of time, then use the poem found here to pass the gift. Only good sports (i.e., close friends) allowed in this game! 😉

11. The Price is Right (Baby Version)

This game can be super fun (especially if you have millennials and up who remember Bob Barker and the Price is Right)…or super depressing, I suppose, given the cost of things these days.

Guests get a sheet of paper with a list of baby products – think diapers, formula, crib, jar of baby food, etc. 

You can either 1) leave blanks beside the items and have them list what they think those items cost today or 2) list three different prices and have them circle the one they think is correct.

Whoever gets the most correct wins! 

pregnant woman at baby shower smiling with friends, forming a heart on her belly with her hands.

Baby Shower Games You Won’t Regret

Having at least a few baby shower games (that aren’t lame) is a good bet that your guests will enjoy the party.

In my experience, the bigger the guest list, the more you’ll need to plan a list of  things to do – to help keep the conversation going.

Remember: always run the game ideas by the mama you’re showering, and make sure she’s on board! It’s her party, after all. She may even have some awesome ideas to add to your list.

Also, keep in mind the ages of the guests and any group dynamics that might make some games more appropriate than others.

And of course: don’t forget to take pictures! The mom-to-be will enjoy sharing these funny moments with her little one, someday.

P.S. Don’t forget to write down the gifts and their givers, so mom can write thank-you notes afterwards!

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