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50 Baby Shower Trivia Questions (with FREE Printable for Games!)

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Inside: In charge of planning a baby shower? Be sure to use these baby shower trivia quiz questions for an easy game idea! We’ve also included a few different free printables to take one thing off your plate.

Have you ever experienced the last-minute panic of needing one last baby shower game?

This happened to me recently. I was looking for something fun to do at a friend’s shower that was clean and family-friendly, so that all ages could participate.

I hate the feeling of being unprepared, and not having enough activities planned. I had a mental image of those get-togethers where everyone just sits and stares at their phones in boredom. Ugh!

Since I didn’t quite find what I was looking for on the internet – not for free, anyhow – I decided to create my own baby shower trivia quiz questions.

It turns out that there are so many fun (and wild) facts about babies and pregnancy; many that I had never heard of before!

And now I’m sharing this big list of trivia questions with you, so that YOU can avoid the last-minute procrastination scramble for your baby shower soiree.

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50 Baby Shower Trivia Quiz Questions


Be sure to grab the free printable with a few different multiple choice versions of this quiz at the end!

Don’t forget to get some prizes (ideas beyond candles) for the game winners.

And if you need simple baby shower food ideas, we’ve got you covered!

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1. Q: How many babies are born daily, worldwide?

A: 385,000

2. Q: What is the most common day of the week to be born?

A: Tuesday

3. Q: What is the most common birth month?

A: September

4. Q: What is the average weight of a baby boy in the US?

A: 7 lbs, 6 oz

5. Q: What is the average weight of a baby girl in the US?

A: 7 lbs, 2 oz

6. Q: How much did the heaviest baby weigh on record?

A: 22 lbs

7. Q: What is the average height of a newborn boy in the US?

A: 19.75 inches

8. Q: What is the average height of a newborn girl in the US?

A: 19 inches

9. Q: What is the average family size in the US today?

A: 3

10. Q: What was the average family size in the US in 1800?

A: 7

11. Q: How many twins are born worldwide each year?

A: 1.6 million

12. Q: What is the average amount of time a newborn spends sleeping in a 24-hour period?

A: 12-16 hours

13. Q: How many diapers does a typical newborn go through in the first month?

A: 300

14. Q: How many times does a newborn feed in a day?

A: 8-12 times a day.

15. Q: What has been the most common baby girl name over the last 100 years?

A: Mary

16. Q:What has been the most common baby boy name over the last 100 years?

A: Michael

17. Q: At what age do most babies start solid foods?

A: 6 months.

18. Q: When do a baby’s eyelids form in the womb?

A: 10 weeks

19. Q:When does a baby get fingerprints in the womb?

A: 23 weeks

20 Q: Babies are born without which body part?

A: Kneecaps

21 Q: What is the most popular flavor of baby food?

A: Apple.

22 Q: An old wives’ tale states that if you have heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will have lots of what?

A: Hair.

23. Q: What percentage of babies are delivered by c-section?

A: 32%

24. Q: How many babies are born with teeth each year?

A: One out of every 2,000.

25. Q: At what age range do babies typically crawl?

A: Between 7 and 12 months.

26. Q: When do babies typically roll over?

A: 4-6 months.

27. Q: What is the average age babies begin to laugh?

A: 4 months

28. Q: When can babies start to see colors?

A: Between 2-4 months.

29. Q: What average age do babies start talking?

A: 12-18 months

30. Q: What is the most common first word for babies?

A: Mama

31. Q: Babies have how many taste buds at birth?

A: 10,000

32. Q: What is the most common eye color at birth?

A: Brown.

33. Q: A baby’s true eye color may not be evident until around what age?

A: 6 months.

34. Q: A baby’s stomach is about the size of which nut?

A: Walnut.

35. Q: Babies lose most of the hair they are born with by what age?

A: Four months.

36. Q: In the first year, new parents lose about how many days of sleep?

A: 44 days.

37. Q: What is the percentage of women whose water breaks before labor?

A: About 10%.

38. Q: What is the largest number of babies reported to have been born at once (multiples)?    

A: 9

39. Q: What percentage of babies are born on their due date?

A: 5%

40. Q: What is the average gestation of an elephant?

A: 22 months.

41. Q: Which animal has the most babies at once?

A: Seahorses.

42. Q: What animal produces the most milk for their young?

A: Blue whales (50 gallons per day.)

43. Q: Which is true about firstborn children: they have slightly higher IQs than their siblings; or they are more likely to become CEOs?

A: Both.

44. Q: Which US State has the highest birth rate?

A: South Dakota.

45. Q: What is the average age of a new mom in the US?

A: 27.3 years old

46. Q: What is the average age of a new dad in the US?

A: 33.7

47. Q: How many moms are there in the world?

A: 2.2 billion

48. Q: How many dads are there in the world?

1.5 billion

49. Q: Since 1900, what age was the oldest woman to give birth

A. 66 years old

50. Q: What is the record for the most children born to one mother?

A: 69

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Free Printable with Baby Shower Trivia Quiz Questions (Multiple Choice with Answers)

Want to use these trivia questions in a printable format? See our FREE download below!

There are multiple choice answers for each of the questions above, to make it easy to add up points for prizes.

image stating, "free printable multiple choice trivia questions - 4 pages" Click Here to download.

The questions are split into three pages, so you can use just one or two pages for a shorter game, or use all three pages if time allows!

Another idea is to have participants form groups, and use these questions in game-show format (think: Family Feud). Tally up points for each group and award prizes to each member on the winning team.

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We hope these baby shower trivia printables make your baby shower planning and hosting just a little bit easier (and help you throw a beautiful shower for less). Enjoy!


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