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39 Small Items to Put on Your Baby Registry (for Affordable Options)

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Inside: When you’re thinking about things to put on your baby registry, don’t overlook these small baby registry items. Several smaller items on your registry = more affordable gifts to choose from for generous friends and family who want to give, but have tighter budgets.

When you get to a certain point in your pregnancy – usually just past the ever-nauseous stage and just before the I-can’t-see-my-feet stage – it’s time to start building your baby registry.

It’s really one of the MOST fun parts of being pregnant. (As if it isn’t all joy and giggles all the time, right?)

When I made my baby registry, it felt like I was that much closer to holding my newborn each time.

I would daydream about them wearing and using all the adorable little outfits and baby gear.

But to be honest, I didn’t think too much about creating a balanced baby registry that was accessible to anyone who might want to buy us a gift – even if they had very little to spend.

woman creating baby registry, sitting with computer on lap and credit card in hand, baby shoes close up.

Why You Need Several Small Items on Your Baby Registry


Of course, it’s pretty common to get carried away with baby registry fever.

It’s just too easy to clickety-click and fill up that wish list with all kinds of adorable and pricey things.

We’ll just blame that on the pregnancy hormones.

But what if you’re not welcoming the Prince of Wales into the world, and your friends and family are a little more, shall we say, budget-conscious?

Or, what if you simply don’t want to fill up your home with enough baby paraphernalia to stock a department store?

This is why small baby registry items are the thing you need for a well-rounded, practical baby registry.

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baby onesies folded and stacked with pacifier on top.

40 Practical Small Items to Put on Your Baby Registry

Take a look at our list of 40 small, cheaper, but often overlooked items you’ll want to put on your baby registry. 

Not all of them will be your cup of tea, but surely some will! And your budget-conscious guests will definitely appreciate being able to buy you a needed gift – without breaking the bank.

Note: This list might contradict other articles on our site (like which items NOT to put on your registry), but that’s the beauty of multiple contributors! Every mom has her own opinion about which items should make the baby registry cut.

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1. Manual Breast Pump

If you’re breastfeeding, there will be times when you’re just tooo tired to plug in the fancy electric pump and assemble all those parts.

That’s where THIS handy little tool comes in.

It’s also helpful for when you need to pump but don’t really have time for a long pumping session (like at the end of a workday). Y

ou can quickly alleviate some pressure and finish pumping later, at home.

2. Milk Savers

These silicone cups are like a wearable breastpump, without the pump.

You can catch excess milk on the side you’re not breastfeeding from at the moment- or just wear them to catch milk that randomly lets down during the day.

(Because that’s a thing. Now you know.)

3. Breastmilk Storage Bags

Another practical breastmilk accessory that you’ll use often… if you ever plan to leave the house alone.

4. Nursing pads

The disposable nursing pads are popular, and for good reason – they wick away moisture quickly much like disposable diapers (sorry if the comparison grosses you out, but it’s true).

But once you try THIS bamboo washable kind from Kindred Bravely, you might also decide they are far superior.

You may want to put both on your registry, just in case.

Editor’s Note: I tried to love the reusables – I really tried, but I MUCH preferred the disposables. The reusables I tried weren’t all that absorbent, so they always felt wet against my skin, whereas the disposables were great at wicking the moisture away.

5. Formula Mixing Pitcher

You can mix up several bottles’ worth of formula at once with THIS amazing pitcher!

It removes the guesswork for tired caregivers and can save you time during the day.

6. Formula On-the-Go Dispenser

With a formula dispenser, you can pre-measure the amount of formula needed for each bottle, while having a mess-free spout to pour it into each bottle.

7. Milk cooler bag

If you’re mixing bottles ahead of time, or pumping milk while you’re out and about, you’ll want a cute cooler bag like THIS one to store the goods.

8. Bottle Warmer

Since you’ll want to steer clear of microwaving bottles (for numerous reasons), a bottle warmer is a super convenient way to warm cold breastmilk or formula.

9. Pacifiers

The funny thing about pacifiers is you won’t know which kind baby will like, if at all- until you try a few.

Some that we like are:

Don’t forget most pacifiers are sized for a certain age range and you’ll want to size up as your baby grows.

10. Burp Cloths

Large, soft burp cloths have so many uses beyond spit up! You really can’t have too many.

11. Baby Wipes

Probably the quintessential small baby registry item – they’re inexpensive and so practical up until age 5 or 6.

You’ll seriously regret leaving home without a pack of the best wipes (yes, we’re biased)!

Stash them in your car, your purse, your diaper bag, the bathroom, the changing table, the….well, you get the idea.

12. Wet/Dry Bag

Wet bags are typically used for cloth diapers, but you can also put disposable diapers in them if you’re trapped somewhere with no trash can.

From spit-up soaked clothes to swimsuits, they’re actually a great idea to stash in the diaper bag.

(If you decide to skip this one, rest-assured, gallon-sized Ziploc bags can serve the same function.)

13. Nail Clippers OR Nail Filer

No one knows how baby’s nails can grow inches overnight. But they seriously seem like they do.

You’ll definitely need baby nail clippers, so why not put them on your baby registry?

Editor’s Note: OR go for the more modern nail filer. As a mom who has accidentally cut her baby’s finger pretty severely traumatizing both me AND baby, I love the idea of electric nail filer like THIS one for clipper-free nail trimming!

14. Baby-Proofing Supplies

Outlet covers and cabinet locks can be a great idea for small baby registry items to help you prepare for the rolling, crawling stage.

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15. Baby Wash

A good, sensitive-skin all-over baby wash makes bathtime easy and keeps your baby’s skin soft.

This natural body wash/shampoo is our favorite. (My 7-year-old still uses it on her fine hair to this day!)

16. Cradle Cap Brush

These brushes were so handy to use in the bath when my babies had the dreaded cradle cap.

And according to, “70% of three month olds have cradle cap,” so it’s a pretty safe bet to put these on your registry.

17. Wooden Hair Brush

A soft bristle hair brush will last a long time, and it also makes a nice keepsake gift.

18. Lotion  

We like THIS lotion that smells great and is a great value too!

19. Teething Toys

There are so many ways to help babies through bouts of teething pain.

(Is it really a stage, or are babies always teething? Your guess is as good as mine.)

We like these budget-friendly options:

20. Rattles

Oball rattles are a longstanding favorite at our house!

You might also want a softer option like THIS plush-and-rattle in one.

21. Carseat Toy

Maybe you will birth a magical baby who simply loves his carseat and needs no distractions.

But just in case you get the “I hate my carseat and will prove it to you with my screaming” kind, add a few of small carseat toys to your baby registry:

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22. Stay-Put Baby Socks

Baby socks that stay put are a gem. And, they’re an affordable baby registry item!

I have always had good luck with THESE socks.

23. Fleece Booties

I discovered THESE fleece booties with velcro with my youngest child.

They were a game changer in the winter – or whenever I needed her to stop pulling her socks off!

24. Headbands/Hats

Having a girl? There are so many cute headbands and turbans to choose from (which also help keep them warm.)

Don’t forget some cozy hats for baby boy, too.

25. Diaper Rash Cream

You’ll definitely want a few diaper creams on your baby registry.

Try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and/or A&D for inexpensive and effective options.

26. Books

Books are sometimes overlooked, but I think they should be on every baby registry!

Start with some classic board books:

You could add some soft sensory books as well.

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26. Baby Book/Journal

Simple milestone baby books are a lovely way to document all those “firsts” – and not overwhelming for new moms.

27. Onesies

A pack of basic white onesies (or long-sleeved onesies) are essential for layering, and easy to wash.

These should be a baby registry staple, in fact!

Just make sure to check in with your baby shower hostess about baby shower activities – they might have a onesie decorating activity, in which case you can skip it (you’ll have more than enough!).

28. Baby Sleepers

We also got a ton of use out of THESE cotton sleep and play zip-up outfits, for easy diaper changes at night. 

29. Clothes Hangers

Simple plastic hangers are always a practical, inexpensive baby registry item.

Alternatively, if your nursery space doesn’t have a closet, put a set of accordion wall hangers on your registry, instead.

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30. Crib or Bassinet Sheets

You really only need a few crib sheets, and microfiber is a comfy and durable option.

31. Changing Table Liners

These liners are a genius invention for keeping the changing table clean!

(Something I definitely wish I had known about.)

32. Portable Changing Mat

This neat little fold-up changing mat is perfect for diaper changes on the go.

33. Feeding Supplies

You may not think about needing spoons, bowls and cups for a while, but time flies! You’ll be glad you added a few of these to your registry.

Do yourself a favor and choose ones that have suction cups and stick to the high chair tray.

34. Dishwasher Basket

Fill this basket with pacifiers, dishwasher-safe breast pump accessories and disinfect them the easy way.

35. Bath Towels

Hooded bath towels make a nice registry gift and come in a ton of cute patterns!

Editor’s Note: I’m sure there are several great choices on Amazon….but Pottery Barn Kids’ hooded towels last forever. Highly recommend!

36. Washcloths

Soft fleece washcloths are indispensable!

They also work great as reusable baby wipes, if that’s your thing.

37. Boppy Cover

If you plan to use a breastfeeding pillow, you may want to add a few covers to your registry to keep it clean and dry.

(Spit up and breastmilk get allll over that thing – you’ll need at least one extra.)

38. Stretchy Multipurpose Cover

What’s not to love about these stretchy, breathable inventions?

They can serve as a nursing cover, a car seat cover or stroller cover – or all the above.

39. Bibs

For everyday drool, I’ve always preferred soft muslin bibs like THESE ones.

For mealtime, it’s great to have some simple waterproof bibs that are wipe-and-go.

You could also add silicone bibs, but it’s really hit or miss whether or not your baby will tolerate the strap (some of mine tolerated it, others not so much). If you do, make sure to get the Bjorn ones with thinner straps.

Baby pacifier on beige table with diapers in background.

The Small Things? They Might Be the Gifts You Appreciate Most

As the saying goes, don’t sweat the small stuff. However, do yourself a favor and don’t neglect these small baby registry items.

You might be surprised that people actually enjoy buying a bundle of smaller items and particularly useful gifts like the things on this list.

If you only focus on the big-ticket baby gear, you’ll likely be making some late-night runs to the drugstore for many of the things on this list, anyhow!

You’ll be more than prepared with these small, budget-friendly essentials!

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