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Two Syllable Biblical Boy Names With Meanings

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Inside: Looking for two syllable biblical boy names? Get fifty strong boy names straight from the Bible, complete with meanings and the stories behind them.

I’ve written a lot of baby name articles for boys (and girls), but of all the lists I’ve worked on, this one right here has my heart: biblical baby names for boys.

As a mama who struggled with miscarriages and infertility, when I found out I was pregnant with twins via IVF, I knew we needed to pick the most perfect names for our babies. We only knew we were having identical twins – we didn’t know what gender.

My husband and I felt like God already dropped some girl names in our hearts, but I kept going through the lists and lists of boy names.

I knew I wanted biblical names, and even though I’m generally not a “cutesy” person, I did kind of want a cute, coordinating set of boy names.

I could totally envision little “Luke and Levi Landry” toddling around our house. Or maybe Asher and Andrew.

I scoured allll the Bible boy name lists. 

Well, we were blessed with two sweet sons, and though (sadly) Luke and Levi dropped to the bottom of the pack, my husband still chose two biblical names: Michael and James. His reasons were different, but just the same, biblical they were!

All that to say, biblical names are my absolute favorite choices. So rich with history, so rich with meaning, and I often wonder if they can be somewhat prophetic, as well.

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Strong Two Syllable Biblical Boy Names


Below you’ll find a special class of boy names from the Bible – two-syllable names.

Often, parents will want a certain rhythm to go with a particular middle name they’ve chosen or with their last name – or even with the siblings’ names.

So, if two-syllable Bible names is where your search has led you, here are 50 solid names to choose from.

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1. Aaron

This Hebrew name means “high mountain, exalted, enlightened.”

In the Bible, Aaron is Moses’ brother, his right-hand man who was also his spokesperson before Pharaoh. He was also the first high priest of Israel.

2. Abel

Abel was the son of Adam, the first man, and his name means “breath.”

In comparison to his older brother Cain, he presented an offering to God that was pleasing.

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3. Adam 

The very first biblical name, for the very first man. As such, he was the only human being that God ever formed from dust with His very own hands.

The Hebrew meaning is “earth, son of the red earth,” and it is also the generic word for “man.” All of human history starts right here with this name.

4. Andrew

This is a Greek biblical name that means “strong and manly.”

Andrew was one the first disciples (along with John) that Jesus called. He was also the brother of Peter.

5. Asher

A name of promise, this Hebrew name means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.”

Asher was one of the patriarch Jacob’s sons and the namesake of one of the tribes of Israel.

6. Barak

A strong, powerful role model, Barak was a military commander who defeated the Canaanite army under the judge Deborah.

In Hebrew, it means “lightning,” which seems very apropos. 

7. Boaz

Boaz is a dreamy Bible name for the romantic soul. As the kinsman-redeemer of Ruth, a Moabite who married into a Hebrew family, Boaz swiftly fulfilled his role and rescued her.

Their son, Obed, was the grandfather of King David, putting him in the lineage of Jesus.

Fittingly, his name means “swiftness.” Bo is a fantastic nickname you get for free.

8. Caleb

Caleb was one of the twelve Hebrew spies, along with Joshua, who came back from surveying the promised land with faith that God could defeat their intimidating Canaanite enemies.

It is truly a name that inspires courage and bravery, as well as the promise that faith will be rewarded.

Caleb and Joshua were the only Hebrews that were rescued from Egypt who actually entered the Promised Land. In Hebrew, Caleb means “devotion to God.”

9. Cephas

This is the Aramaic version of the Greek name Peter, which means “rock.”

Jesus gave the disciple Simon this name after declaring Jesus was the Christ.

10. Cyrus

Cyrus means “anointed”.

In the Bible, he was a king known as Cyrus the Great. Cyrus played a key role in Israel’s history as he allowed the Jews to return from exile after 70 years in Babylon.

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11. Daniel

A biblical hero who remained faithful to his God during the Babylonian exile, Daniel is a role model for every Christian boy.

Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den for refusing to stop praying to God, and he was miraculously saved.

Daniel means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.

12. David

There probably isn’t a person more admired in Jewish culture than King David.

While he certainly had his flaws and made more than his fair share of mistakes, he was a man described as being after God’s own heart. 

This Hebrew name means “beloved.”

13. Elam

Elam was one of the sons of Shem, who was a son of Noah. The line of Shem is where the Jewish people originate from (the “Semites”). There are also several other men with this name mentioned throughout the Old Testament.

Elam means “youth, or high.”

14. Eli

Eli was a high priest and the last judge of Israel. He also is a key figure in that he trained the prophet Samuel.

In Hebrew, this name means “ascended, uplifted, high.”

15. Elon

Meaning “oak tree” in Hebrew, there are 3 different Elons mentioned in the Bible:

  • the father of Esau’s wife,
  • the second son of Zebulun
  • a judge of Israel,
  • a city.

When a name is used that often in the Bible, it deserves to be put in the running!

16. Ephron

In Genesis, Ephron was the Hittite from whom Abraham bought land. This field in Hebron contained the cave where Abraham buried his wife Sarah.

Ephron is thought to have negotiated a shrewd yet polite business transaction. His name means “fawn like.”

17. Esau

In the Old Testament, Esau was the twin brother of Jacob, who stole his birthright and blessing. His name means “hairy.”

While he is often seen in a negative light compared to Esau, there is a beautiful reconciliation that takes place between the brothers in Genesis 33. And after all, Jacob did steal his birthright, and Esau did nothing to deserve it other than be the favored son of his father (at least that we know of).

18. Ethan

This Hebrew name means “strong, firm.”

There are several Ethans in the Old Testament, but the most well-known is Ethan the Ezrahite, who wrote Psalm 89, which states: “I will sing of your steadfast love, O Lord, forever.”

19. Felix

A Latin name, Felix means “lucky or fortunate”.

His role in the Bible wasn’t exactly fantastic, however. Felix was the governor who was in power while Paul was in prison.

While he chose not to execute him, he did leave Paul in jail for two years.

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20. Isaac

One of the most iconic names in the Old Testament, Isaac was the promised son to the elderly Abraham and Sarah. His Hebrew name means “laughter” because Sarah laughed when the angel told her she’d have a child at an old age.

Particularly parents whose son is an unexpected blessing may want to consider this name.

21. Jabez

This obscure person in the Bible became well-known in recent years due to the book that featured his prayer: “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain” (1 Chron 4:10).

Although this name does mean “borne in pain,” it could possibly be seen as the reward at the end of a great trial, a fitting name if you had a difficult pregnancy and were awaiting this perfect gift at the finish line.

Jabez was also described as being more honorable than his brothers.

22. Jacob

The third patriarch – the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham – Jacob was known as the sneaky twin.

However, God did bless him, and he is in the direct lineage of Jesus. His name means “supplanter, deceiver,” which God later changed to Israel.

23. Jadon

There is some debate as to what this name means. Possible meanings include:

  • “God has heard”
  • “thankful,” or
  • “he will judge.”

However, as far as his role in the Bible, Jadon was one of those who helped rebuild the wall of Jerusalem after the exiles returned from Babylon.

24. Jared

This is an old name that predates the Flood. Meaning “he descends,” Jared was a descendant of Adam who became the father of Enoch – at 162 years old.

He went on to live another 800 years! This name definitely signifies longevity.

25. Jason

Meaning “to heal,” this name has kind overtones as he is mentioned in Acts 17.

He extended hospitality and hosted Paul on his missionary journey to Thessalonica.

26. Jesse

This name means “gift” and appears in the book of first Samuel.

He is known for being the grandson of Ruth and Boaz as well as the father of King David, which puts him in the lineage of Jesus.

In Isaiah 11:1, Jesus is described as “a shoot from the stump of Jesse.”

27. Jonah

One of the more recognizable figures in the Bible, Jonah is known for his time in the belly of a fish after running from God’s call.

However, he did ultimately fulfill his role and shared God’s message with the Ninevites, who responded with repentance.

His name means “dove.”

28. Jonas

Along the same lines, Jonas is the Greek variation of Jonah and also means “dove.” The story is the same as above, but it’s a solid choice for a biblical name if you want something a little more unique with some…distance from Jonah’s rather disillusioned and bitter ending.

This particular version of the name is referenced in Luke 11:29, KJV.

29. Joseph

A popular name for two famous men who both had significant roles in God’s plans.

There’s Old Testament Joseph – the son of Jacob, was sold into slavery by his brothers but was used by God to save Egypt and the known world from famine.

And then there’s New Testament Joseph – the humble carpenter who courageously married his pregnant fiance and had the honor of being Jesus’ earthly father.

This name means “Jehovah increases.”

30. Josiah

One of the few godly kings of Israel in the Old Testament, Josiah became king at age 8, after his father was murdered. He led Judah, the Southern Kingdom of Israel, to seek the Lord once again . His name means “God heals, supports.”

31. Judah

This name is especially meaningful, as it is the tribe that Jesus came from. In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is called “the lion of the tribe of Judah.” In the Old Testament, Judah was the 4th son born to Leah, the unloved wife of Jacob, the one in which she finally resolved to praise the Lord. Judah means “praise.”

32. Kenan

This name means “possession.” Keenan was the great grandson of Adam and a direct ancestor of Noah. A unique, trendy-sounding name, but just about as ancient as they come.

33. Levi

Meaning “joined, attached,” this was the name Leah gave her third because she thought her husband Jacob would now become attached to her.  Levi later became he father of the future priestly line of Levites. This was also the disciple Matthew’s name prior to following Jesus.

34. Lucas

This is a Greek name that means “man from Lucania.” In the New Testament, he is mentioned as a fellow laborer of Paul and was also a scribe for him.

35. Matthew

Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew, this was the new name given to Levi, the tax collector, one of Jesus’ disciples. It is likely that Jesus gave Matthew this new name, and it’s the name he used to pen the New Testament gospel.

36. Micah

Micah was an Old Testament prophet in Judah, the Southern Kingdom of Israel. His message was one of both God’s loving-kindness and warning; he also prophesied Jesus’ birth.

His name in Hebrew means “who is like the Lord.” A more unique alternative another popular two syllable biblical boy name “Michael.”

37. Moses

This is a figure in the Bible who hardly needs an explanation. Moses was the Hebrew who was rescued from the Nile River, raised in the Egyptian Pharaoh’s house, and then led Israel out of slavery to the Promised Land.

Writing the first 5 books of the Old Testament is also credited to him. In Egyptian, his name appropriately means “drawn out of the water.”

38. Nathan

Meaning “given” in Hebrew, Nathan was an Old Testament prophet during the time of King David. God used him as a faithful adviser to deliver messages and warnings to the king.

He may be best remembered for rebuking David after he committed adultery with Bathsheba and then murdered her husband. In later years, King David and Bathsheba named their son Nathan, likely after their trusted friend.

39. Noah

Another famous Bible personality, Noah is remembered for his incredible faith and obedience in building the ark before God destroyed the world by a flood.

His trust in God’s word rescued the fate of mankind, building his boat before the earth had ever experienced a drop of rain.

In Hebrew, his name means “rest, repose.”

40. Obed

In Hebrew, Obed means “servant of God.” In the Old Testament, Obed was son of Ruth and Boaz, the grandfather of David, putting him in the lineage of Jesus.

Obed can also be a nickname for Obadiah, of which there are twelve in the Bible.

The most famous Obadiah in the Old Testament was a prophet who delivered a succinct message from God (his book is just 21 verses) around the time of the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians.

41. Peter

One of Jesus’ closest disciples and the writer of 2 New Testament epistles, Peter (Simon)  is often remembered as being impetuous and denying Christ, but later he became a powerhouse of the early church.

His name means “rock” in Greek, which was given to him by Jesus Himself.

42. Philip

Another disciple of Jesus, Philip was a disciple of John the Baptist first and then called by Jesus himself. Philip in turn went and told Nathaniel about Jesus, who became a disciple as well.

There is also another Philip in the New Testament, Philip the Evangelist, who was a deacon and missionary in the early church.

Philip is a Greek name that means “lover of horses.”

43. Reuben

The firstborn son to patriarch Jacob and his wife Leah, Reuben is also the name of one of the tribes of Israel.

Interestingly, when his brothers wanted to kill Joseph, Reuben was the one who tried to rescue him.

In Hebrew, his name means, “behold, a son.”

44. Samson

Remembered for his hair being the source of his amazing strength, Samson is a biblical hero during the time of the judges.

After revealing the secret of his strength to the beautiful Philistine woman Deliah and being captured, Samson went on to kill more of the Philistines in his death than in his life.

This name, often synonymous with strength, means “sun” in Hebrew.

45. Silas

A church leader from its earliest days, Silas was a fellow missionary with Paul on his second journey. He was a Hellenistic Jew and most believe a Roman citizen as well.

He’s most remembered for being beaten and imprisoned with Paul, and through their praise, God miraculously rescued them.

This name has Latin roots and means “wood, forest.”

46. Simon

This was the original Hebrew name of the disciple Peter, before Jesus changed it. Jacob and Leah also had a son named Simon.

There are other Simons in the Bible including Simon the Zealot and Simon the brother of Jesus. 

It means “the listener” in Hebrew.

47. Stephen

A biblical figure known for his courageous devotion to Christ, Stephen was a founding member of the early church and the first Christian martyr for the faith.

It is a Greek name that means “garland, crown,” which is fitting for this faithful servant of Christ.

48. Thomas 

Although he is mostly associated with his doubts concerning the resurrection of Jesus, extra-biblical texts tell us he likely became a missionary to either Parthia or India and gave his life for the Gospel.

He was also called Didymus, the Greek version of his name, both of which mean “twin.”

49. Titus

A Latin name that means “title of honor,” Titus was a member of the early church, a close friend of the Apostle Paul, and a recipient of one of Paul’s letters (the book of Titus).

He was a Gentile who was brought to Jesus through Paul. 

50. Zion

Meaning “the highest point” in Hebrew, Zion is associated with the city of Jerusalem and is also a symbol of the historic Jewish yearning for a homeland. It is also often viewed as the dwelling place of God.

pregnant mom reading the Bible, looking for two syllable bible boy names

Will One of These Biblical Boy Names Be The Name? You’ll Know

These names are so special, right? I love the history and biblical references behind all of them.

And the cadence of the two syllables is bound to fit perfectly with a first or middle name with one or three syllables. Although occasionally two-syllable names can be used together, too, so don’t rule that out.

If one of these two syllable boy names from the Bible resonates with you, perhaps it’s meant to be your son’s name. You’ll just know when you know.

Seek God. I know He will guide you to the perfect name for your precious one!

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