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The Best Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings

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Inside: We scoured the internet for the coolest, unique non-binary names. Because whatever your reasons for choosing a gender netural name, you probably want something a little more uncommon than Alex and Riley.

Many modern parents – Millenial’s and Gen Z’s, in particular – are becoming increasingly interested in gender-neutral baby names. Non-binary names are officially trending.

Maybe they want to avoid restricting their child to traditional gender norms. Some want to avoid having their child face the challenges of sexism, when a female name on a resume immediately puts you below male-named applicants #1-#5.

Then there’s the obvious challenge of changing a child’s official name should he/she choose to transition to a gender other than the one they were born with. It’s far from an easy process.

Or perhaps parents just aren’t in love with any of the available name options that are typically assigned to one gender or the other. And that’s definitely fair!

Whatever their reasons for choosing gender neutral baby names, we thought today’s parents could use some help finding more unique and uncommon names in this category.

There can only be so many Rileys and Alexes, after all.

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39+ Unique Non-Binary Names (Uncommon Gender Neutral Options)


These baby names are perfect if you don’t know the sex of your child or you want to make sure they have a unique name no matter what gender they end up being. Or any and all of the reasons mentioned above.

Included are some of the most unique non-binary names out there, complete with meanings.

We referenced authoritative baby name sites like , and to find name meanings and popularity rankings. Popularity is based on the original date of this post in late 2021 and is subject to change year to year.

1. Aderyn

Aderyn is one of those uncommon Welsh names meaning “bird.”  In Welsh, this name fits well with the rules of pronunciation.

In other words, it doesn’t have a traditional male or female pronunciation, so you can feel free to use it for either gender.  

2. Aspen

The name Aspen is an American name that means “quaking tree.” The old English aespe or aepse, which means “shaking poplar tree,” derives from the ancient Greek term meaning “shaking poplar tree.” 

3. Axel

Axel has been more common on men than women over time, making it uncommon yet trendy all at once. Axel derives from the Old Norse name Axtyl, which means “forefather.”

It is often used in Germany and Scandinavia, and in the US, at least, it is nowhere near the top 100 names. 

4. Bellamy

Bellamy is with French origins that means “good friend.” The origins are Irish/Norman/French. It comes from the combination of the Latin “Bellus” (or French “Belle”) and “aim.”

Bellamy is great choice for a unique non-binary name, but it may see a surge in popularity in future years because Bellamy is a main character in the popular Netflix show The 100.

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5. Blair 

Blair is a unisex name of Scottish origin that means “Field.” The origins are Celtic. It comes from the combination of the Gaelic words for “field” and “dark.”

Blair is also a common last name in Scotland so that this gender-neutral baby name can be used both as first or last names. You could also try the spelling variation “Blare” for a truly unique version of the name.

6. Blaise

Blaise is a French name meaning “lisp” or “stutter”, with the spelling variation “Blaze” becoming more popular. That being said, the original name and spelling seems to work better as a non-binary name.

The most notable historical figure with this name is Blaise Pascal, the mathematician who came up with Pascal’s Triangle.

My son’s name is Blaise, and while I’ve run into other children named “Blaze”, I have never run into anyone else with this exact spelling. It’s truly unique!

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7. Charlie

Charlie is a common English name that means “Free Man.” The origins are Old German.

It comes from the combination of the word “carl,” or old French for man, and free, and is related to Charles and Charlotte.

8. Cameron 

Cameron is of Scottish/Irish Gaelic origin that refers to Son of Came (which came from cam), meaning bent, crooked, stooped. 

This baby name has been used in Scotland since the 16th century. It became more popular with English speakers after Charles II, King of Scots, visited London.

9. Clarke

Adding that little “e” to the end of the more classic name “Clark” makes a big difference. While in the past “Clark”, which means clerk, was used primarily for baby boys, “Clarke” is growing in recent years as an alternative to the traditional spelling, making it a perfect gender neutral name.

Again due to the popular show The 100, it may see a resurgence in popularity for baby girls. But on the whole, it’s nowhere near the top 100 baby names at this point.

10. Cyrus 

The long-form version of this timeless Biblical boys’ name reminds us why we love uncommon baby names.

Cyrus comes from Hebrew and means “sun” or a “farmer.” This non-binary baby name is perfect for both boys and girls, and it goes well with last names ending in any letter, particularly the long ‘i’ sound at the end of many surnames.

The name Cyrus is derived via the Greek form Kyros of several Persian rulers’ names. It’s a variant of Kiro, which was derived from Ciro, one of many early kings who ruled over Persia before the Achaemenid Empire.

11. Dakota

Dakota is another commonly used unisex name that is a Native American baby name, meaning “friend or ally.”

You probably recognize the name from actress Dakota Fanning, but there are several famous actors and athletes with this name that you can find HERE.

12. Denver

The name Denver comes from a French and an English name, both meaning “green valley or from Anvers,” which is also the origin of the city’s name.

Today, Denver is most commonly recognized as the name of Colorado’s largest city, but the name Denver is used almost interchangeably for both genders.

13. Elijah

Elijah was used as both boy’s and girl’s names up until 1880, when it became primarily masculine in use. It’s definitely time to remedy that, don’t you think?

Elijah is a variant of Elias, which means “the Lord his God,” from the Hebrew language.

14. Emerson

The name Emerson comes from the Germanic name Aimeri meaning “home-ruler.” The gender-neutral baby name Emerson is a modern version of the gender-specific Emmerson and Emery.

It’s been used for both boys and girls since 1975, when it was given to just over five hundred American children who were equally split between genders. 

15. Emmett 

Emmett is considered to be of Old English origin, but the meaning has been disputed. One variation of Emmett would be Emily because it was originally used as a female personal name in tribute to Edward I’s daughter, who passed away at only age seven back in 1275. 

Emelye and Emmett became popularized by Geoffrey Chaucer for his character in “The Canterbury Tales.”

16. Everett

Everett is a gender-neutral baby name that is a variation of Edward, which is typically a single gender name. Everett was originally used as a surname before it became more commonly used for both genders in the 20th century.

Newly considered a gender neutral name, Everett, means “from the boar-hardy, brave one” in Old English. It is just beginning to be used for girls.

17. Ezra

Ezra is an uncommon name for boys, but its twin sister cannot say the same. Ezra is also a Hebrew baby name that means “help” or “helper.”

While it’s still considered unique, according to a survey by BabyCenter, Ezra was in the top 100 list of popular baby names last year.

18. Finley

Finley is a gender neutral baby name that is growing in popularity, but still unique, coming in at #201 according to NameBerry in 2020. It means “fair hero”, a strong meaning for a boy or girl.

Finley was first recorded as a male character’s name by James Fenimore Cooper back in 1826 within his popular novel called The Last of the Mohicans.

However, this unisex name didn’t gain momentum until actress Finola Hughes used it for her son on the television show All My Children, and then again by country singer Trisha Yearwood who named one of her twin boys’ Finley.

19. Glennon

Most baby name websites and books still consider Glennon a male name, but influencer Glennon Doyle is changing that perspective.

While Glennon has a rather boring meaning – “glen” – that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a fantastic name! Plus, when you want unique, Glennon was sitting around the 11,000 mark in name popularity according to

20. Greyson  

Although Greyson was once used almost exclusively for boys, this gender neutral baby name still retains enough femininity to go either way.   

Greyson is an English name that means “son of the steward.” Greyson or Grayson is also a gender-neutral baby name that is derived from the Irish surname Regan.

21. Jayden

Jayden has some variations, including Jaden and Jadon, but all three are based on the Hebrew origin Ya’dan or Yedon meaning “God will judge.” A biblical name, Jayden has been traditionally given to boys instead of girls, so it’s still gaining recognition as a gender neutral name. 

The most notable namesake we know of is actor Jayden Smith who uses his stage name because he wanted to go by something gender neutral so no one would assume anything about him.

22. Lennon

This baby name has been growing in popularity since the Beatles’ musician John Lennon’s death because of his influence on music culture – and culture in general – during the 20th century.

Lennon can mean “son of Neil” or “leader.” While there are no famous Lennons today, parents are still inspired by John Lennon’s legacy.

23. Lennox  

Close to Lennon, Lennox is a surname that comes from an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Leannach, meaning “from the battlefield.” The Scottish family Clan Lennox took their name from this place.

24. Logan

Logan is an uncommon baby name for both genders that has been trending upwards in popularity since the year 2000.

This makes it a great gender-neutral choice to consider if you’re looking for something trendy and modern but still uncommon.  

Logan originates from the Scottish place name Logan, which is derived from Gaelic “lagan,” meaning swamp or water meadow. The Logan River in Australia was named after this city and its surrounding region.

25. Lincoln

Lincoln has been increasing steadily since 2009 for either gender, making it a popular unisex choice to consider when looking for something traditional.

It originates from the English surname of old Germanic origins that means:

  • Blackstone
  • Settlement, or 
  • Village

This name is often inspiring for parents who are looking for gender-neutral baby names with an uncommon twist! 

26. Marlowe

Most definitely an uncommon gender neutral name, Marlowe has a surname for first name feel to it and means “driftwood”. It only recently began to be used as a first name when Jason Schwartzman and Sienna Miller both chose to name their daughters Marlowe. 

Far from popular, this is a name to snap up NOW, especially for boys. You’ll have a one of a kind baby name.

27. Maverick

This gender-neutral moniker originates from two different sources: maverick (American slang), which implies rebelliousness and originality while having no regard for rules or traditions.

The other source is a gender-neutral name that has Hebrew origins and means “empowered one.”

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28. Peyton

Although Peyton was originally coined as a feminine choice by parents who wanted an uncommon name due to its unique sound and meaning, there are plenty of boys out there who share the name, too!     

Peyton or Payton originates from an English surname and is used as a gender-neutral baby name in the U.S. The gender-neutral meaning of Peyton or Payton is: “from the village where goats are kept” in Old English. However, it can also mean “lightning warrior” when translated from Gaelic to English.

29. Raleigh 

The name Raleigh derives from an Old English word meaning ‘meadow of reeds’ and is also a unisex name used for both genders.

Raleigh is a common unisex name in Australia, but it’s uncommon in the U.S.

30. Remy 

Remy is a gender-neutral name that originates from the Latin word Remus, meaning ‘oar.’ It’s grown in popularity over recent years and seems to be more popular for girls than boys.

A similar non-binary name that is also used as a surname, Remington, means ‘from the town of Reid’s people’ or ‘place of strength.’ 

31. River

River is a great uncommon baby name for parents looking to break away from the increasingly popular choices and set their children apart.

The name River originates from the English word and is gender neutral. It may have origins in the Celtic language, in which it means “dark”.

The name was popularized by American poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe, who used it in his poetry.

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32. Robin

Who can think of Robin without remembering the late Robin Williams? Meaning “bright fame” this name has been used for girls for decades, but as Robin Williams suggests, it can also be used for baby boys.

Robin was in the Top 100 until around 1980, when it dropped significantly in popularity and remains a unique non-binary name choice today.

33. Sage

Sage was used for both genders in ancient Greece and Rome, meaning ‘healer’ or ‘wise.’ 

Sage can have various versions, like:

  • Saje
  • Saji
  • Saige. 

Similar to names like Billy and Billie, which are gender-specific baby names that could be adapted as unisex options too, you can change the spelling to suit your preferences.

34. Sasha 

Sasha is a gender-neutral name that has many different variations. It is traditionally used as a boy’s name in Russia, but it can be found on baby lists all over the world for unisex names. 

The name Sasha comes from the Greek word for “defender,” which is used to describe men and gods. It may also be derived from the Sanskrit word Sri, which means “protector.”

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35. Sydney

This name is extremely unique for boys, with it’s ranking being in the thousands. For girls, it’s more common, but still nowhere near the top 100 names.

There are many different name meanings, but the most popular one is “wide meadow or island”. The most common nickname is “Syd”.

I have a particular fondness for this name as I was a huge Alias fan! A baby boy or girl would rock this name,

36. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a very non-traditional name that is most definitely non-binary.

Because it’s such a new name, it’s meaning is not yet established, but some websites suggest that the name Tomorrow means “the future” and represents the hope found in each new day.

Possible nicknames include “Tom” and “Morrow”.

37. Thisbe

Thisbe is an uncommon Greek baby girl’s name which means “wild one” or “noisy.” While it has been on the top 1000 list since 1990, it has only ever reached around #300, still making it a unique choice.

Also known by its Latin spelling Thysbê, this unusual Biblical moniker can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece, which is pretty cool if you’re into ancient roots.

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38. Xander

Xander is a unique choice because it’s easy to remember thanks to its similarity in sound and spelling with the common Zachary.

Xander is often perceived to have a more masculine edge and is starting to be used for boys more frequently, at least in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it can’t easily be used for girls, too.

The name Xander derives from Alexander, which means “defender of men” or “protector of mankind”.

39. Xanthe

An uncommon Greek baby name, Xanthe, means “gold” or “yellow.”

Xanthe was a mythological figure who was known for being an uncommon love interest of Apollo.      

40. Zephyr 

Zephyrus was the Ancient Greek god of the west wind, so using this uncommon baby name will definitely give your child some serious gusto!

Zephyr may also derive from the Old French word “zefre,” meaning west wind.   

41. Oregon

I just heard of a newborn with this name the other day on social media, and I think it’s an ideal non-binary name!

The exact word/name meaning is not concrete, with some saying it means “hurricane” from the French word “ouragan”, and others suggesting it has Native American origins since a nearby river in the area was called by a similar sounding name.

Whatever the meaning, Oregon itself is a beautiful state that is absolutely namesake worthy and perfectly gender neutral.

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Uncommon Gender Neutral Names for the Win

Whatever your reasons, choosing a non-binary, gender neutral name can be a smart choice in our modern era.

As gender norms continue to be challenged – and even broken – I imagine more and more parents will be making this choice moving forward.

Putting in the work to find a unique name that you and your partner can both agree on is well worth the effort!

Trust the mom who made the mistake of choosing a name in the Top 10 for her first baby – you most definitely want an uncommon name. Every time I hear her name called at the park (for a different child – AGAIN), I redouble my efforts to share truly unique names on this website!

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