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Perfect Middle Names for Maverick: Best-Sounding Ideas (With Meanings)

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Inside: Looking for middle names for Maverick? I’ve gone through an entire baby name book just to find the best-sounding middle names that go with Maverick. Get all kinds of options, from badass middle names to gentler middle names to balance Maverick’s strength.

You’ve already chosen your first name: Maverick.

If you’ve done this before your third trimester, congratulations! For one of our five babies, we didn’t officially decide until hours after giving birth.

(I most definitely do NOT recommend waiting that long to choose a name!)

I’m sure you know this already, but Maverick means “an independent who avoids conformity.” Gosh, I wish I’d come across this name when I had my boys.

Maverick is such a powerful name for a boy. With a name like that, how could he NOT be a badass world-changer?!

Just so you know, Maverick is rising in name popularity, probably due to the recent release of the new Top Gun movie. But if you love it, I say stick with it.

Before we dive into the list, here are some things to consider before you choose a middle name for your little Maverick.

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What to Consider When Choosing Middle Names to Go With Maverick


When you’re choosing a name for Maverick, keep in mind that it’s a very powerful first name.

You can go a few different directions when choosing a middle name.

1. Choose a middle name that’s just as strong in sound and meaning as Maverick.

I’ve got some options on this list that are just as badass and strong as Maverick. And you could definitely go that route.

But if you’re wondering if that might be overdoing it just a tad…

2. Choose a middle name with gentler sounds and meanings to balance Maverick.

I included some options that sound softer overall and have softer meanings.

Names like Darcy (hello, Pride and Prejudice)and Ellis could strike a nice contrast with Maverick’s strength and trendiness.

Because that first name packs a whole lot of punch by itself.

3. Only take into consideration how the combination sounds together with your last name.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on how the first and middle name sound together, and how they will sound together with your last name.

With Maverick, you have a three-syllable name, so I included a lot of one- and two-syllable middle names for balance.

I did include some three-syllable middle names for Maverick in case they work well with your last name.

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red-headed, blue-eyed baby boy named Maverick, laying on mother's lap and looking at camera.

Perfect Middle Names for Maverick (With Meanings)

I went through an entire baby name book and sounded out each and every name with Maverick.

Yes, really.

In my humble opinion, these are the absolute best middle names for Maverick.

I hope you find one you love!

(Note: name meanings were sourced from The Complete Book of Baby Names. Also, there’s nothing like looking through an actual baby name book – I highly recommend this one!)

1. Maverick Ezekiel

Ezekiel is of Hebrew origin and means “strengthened by God.”

You could also go with Maverick Zeke, a shortened version of Ezekiel, instead. Oh Zeke Braverman, how I miss thee (if you haven’t watched Parenthood, you need to!).

2. Maverick Arden

Arden is of Latin and English origin and means “one who is passionate and enthusiastic” or “from the valley of the eagles.”

3. Maverick Nathaniel

Nathaniel is of Hebrew origin means “a gift from God.” If you’re Christian or religious, this middle name could be perfect for you.

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4. Maverick Darcy

Darcy is Gaelic and means “having dark features.” Not the most impressive meaning in the world, right?

I’m not sure how you can choose this name and NOT love Pride and Prejudice, but hey, I guess you can like how it sounds, too.

P.S. I’m team “Kiera Knightly version”. And gasp, I didn’t see the original. I know, it’s horrible.

5. Maverick Atwood

Atwood is English and means “one who lives at the forest.”

If the meanings don’t sell you on this middle name for Maverick, maybe giving a nod to Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, will?

6. Maverick Axel

Axel has German, Latin and English roots, and it means, “source of life” or “small oak, axe or peace.”

Pair with Maverick, this name combination is epic!

7. Maverick Kane

Kane is Gaelic and means “the little warrior.” Another powerful name combination with Maverick.

8. Maverick Bishop

This middle name for Maverick is of English origin and means exactly what it sounds like: “a religious overseer.”

Maybe if you’re Catholic or just like the sound, it could be a great middle name for you?

9. Maverick Boston

A charming city I spent 14 years of my adult life in, Boston will win your heart if you spend any length of time there (and it’s not as intimidating as New York). Plus, there is just so much history!

The name means just what you’d think: “from the city of Boston”.

10. Maverick Gage

Gage has French origins and means “of the pledge”. I’d go with this middle name mostly for it’s one-syllable, rebellious sound when paired with Maverick.

11. Maverick Connor

Connor is from the Gaelic and means “a wolf-lover”. Wolves seem to go with Maverick’s independence and non-conformist vibes.

Alternatively, you could go with Conrad, a German name meaning “a brave and bold ruler or advisor”.

12. Maverick Benton

Benton’s name meaning is nothing to write home about – “from the town in the grassy place” – but Maverick Benton sounds pretty good together.

So if you’re going by sound alone, or you have some other reason you love the name Benton, choose this one.

13. Maverick Seanan

This delightful Irish name caught my eye immediately, and I love how it sounds with Maverick. Some claim it has Hebrew origins, too, just to set the record straight.

A better-sounding version of “Sean” (although you could just go with Maverick Sean if you like), Seanan means “a gift from God” or “an old, wise man.”

14. Maverick Butler

Butler has English origins and the most glamorous meaning (NOT): “the keeper of the bottles”.

I know the book/movie itself is probably not PC anymore, but Rhett Butler is still one of my favorite characters. He can’t help that he was born in the pre-Civil War South, right?

If you go with this middle name, do it for Rhett (not that bottle keeper nonsense).

15. Maverick Cadence

Cadence is one of my favorite names. From Latin, it means “rhythmic and melodious” or “a musical man”.

So if you’re secretly hoping your little Maverick will have musical aspirations, Cadence could be the middle name for you.

16. Maverick Sanderson

Where are my fantasy lovers at? Brandon Sanderson is my family’s go-to fantasy author, who has churned out book after quality book over the past three years.

Sanderson on its own has yet another ho-hum meaning: “Son of Alexander”. YAWN. It has English origins if you must know.

17. Maverick Boden

From French or Scandinavian, Boden means “one who brings news – a herald” or “one who provides shelter.”

Either one of those meanings makes it a strong contender for a middle name.

18. Maverick Cullen

I know, you’re probably not going to admit to liking Twilight…but if you did, Cullen could be a great middle name choice.

Cullen means “a good-looking young man”, from Gaelic.

19. Maverick Arizona

Of Native American origins, Arizona means “from the little spring”. But I’ll always remember this name from Grey’s Anatomy and Arizona Robbins, who was named after the battleship USS Arizona.

Arizona is also a strong non-binary name option, if that matters to you at all.

20. Maverick Dalton

Dalton is English and means “from the town in the valley”. Pretty blah in meaning, but this old-fashioned name could balance the more trendy Maverick.

21. Maverick Easton

According to some baby name lists, Easton is now in the top 100 most popular names.

Another English name that means simply “from the eastern town”, it’s another middle name with balancing potential.

22. Maverick Daniel

Remember Daniel in the lion’s den? He was definitely known for his non-conformity and conviction.

If you’re wanting names with similar connotations, Daniel could be perfect. It’s Hebrew and means “God is my judge”.

23. Maverick Dawson

Where are my Dawson Creek fans at? I never could get fully into the series (I was late to the party), but I know for a fact that some fans were Team Dawson 100%.

It means simply “son of David”, from English.

24. Maverick Jason

I prefer the Greek meaning for Jason – “healer” – but it also has Hebrew origins, where it means “God is my salvation.”

Another Greek Mythology winner, Jason was the leader of Argonauts and is most well-known for taking back the Golden Fleece for Greece.

25. Maverick Day

If you want a unique middle name, Day is a great candidate.

It’s American, meaning “born during daylight”, but many associate the name with light and hope.

26. Maverick Ellis

Ellis has English origins and is a form of Elias and means “Jehovah is my God”.

As mentioned above, I chose Ellis for its softer sound, which balances Maverick.

27. Maverick Ronin

Or Japanese origins, Ronin means “a Samurai who doesn’t have a master”. It definitely goes with the name meaning for Maverick.

(And I like it better than Roland, which I was considering including, but went with this one, instead.)

28. Maverick Indiana

I will always associate the name Indiana with the Indiana Jones movies. You can’t get more badass than Indiana Jones!

Only downside? Another ho-hum American meaning: “from the land of the Indians”.

29. Maverick Finn

Of Gaelic origins, Finn means simply, “a fair-haired hero”. A simple, one syllable middle name to go with three syllable Maverick.

30. Maverick Liam

I love Liam’s name meaning! It’s Gaelic, and a form of William, meaning “the determined protector.”

Has it been the most popular boy name in the US for the past five years? Yes. Can you still use it? Absolutely!

31. Maverick Blaze

Blaze is of American origin and can mean, “fiery man,” or, similar to the original name it derives from – Blaise – it can mean, “one with a lisp or stammer.”

Which spelling you choose is up to you, but if you’re wanting “fiery” in there, and you have no specific namesake in mine (like Blaise Pascal), I’d go with Blaze.

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32. Maverick Graham

The meaning is nothing remarkable: “from the travelled area” or “from the gray home”, from English.

But the one syllable name with the soft “m” end sound balances Maverick’s length and hard “k” ending.

33. Maverick Lincoln

Another boring name meaning: “from the village near the lake”. Seriously, why do all the English names have such dull meanings?

But it does commemorate Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest US presidents. So there’s that.

34. Maverick Rowan

Rowan is Gaelic and means, “from the tree with red berries” or “a little red-haired boy”.

35. Maverick Roel

When I came across this name meaning, I loved it immediately. Roel is French (or Spanish) and means “as solid as a rock.”

The independence and non-conformity of Maverick plus the strength of Roel? Such a strong name choice!

36. Maverick Ian

Did you know that Ian is actually the Gaelic version of John? Ian has the same meaning as John: “God is gracious”.

37. Maverick James

James is a variation of Jacob, and means the same thing: “he who supplants”.

Pairing an old school boy name with a trendy name like Maverick is always a great option.

38. Maverick Joel

From the Hebrew, Joel means “God is willing”. Again, a one syllable name and a three syllable name can work well together, especially if your last name is a two or three syllable name.

39. Maverick Keegan

This is a fun Gaelic name meaning “a small and fiery man”!

Maybe the “small” part isn’t your favorite, but I would take “fiery” as part of a boy name meaning any day.

40. Maverick Hayden

Another fun English name with a fun meaning. Drum roll please….

Hayden means “from the hedge valley”.

40. Maverick Oakes

Oak trees have always represented strength and longevity. You could use the simple tree name spelling “Oak” or the more formal version “Oakes.”

As you’ve probably guessed, it means “from the oak-tree grove”.

41. Maverick Owen

Owen comes from the Welsh or Gaelic and means either “a wellborn man” or a “youthful man”. Not too shabby in the meanings department.

42. Maverick Riordan

We are big fans of Rick Riordan around here. So if you adore the Percy Jackson series, choosing Riordan as a middle name might be the perfect way to honor him.

Riordan’s actual name meaning isn’t all that exciting: from Gaelic, “a royal poet, a bard or minstrel.”

43. Maverick Heath

While Heath Ledger’s end was tragic, I loved his roles in A Knight’s Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Patriot.

Heath is English and means “from the untended land of flowering shrubs”.

44. Maverick Boone

If you were a big fan of Lost’s Boone, like I was, this name will have special significance to you.

From Latin origins, Boone means simply, “a good man”. You can’t get a better meaning for a baby boy name than that!

45. Maverick Danger

You can’t find a more badass middle name than Danger. It’s American (of course), and means “one who takes great risks”.

Paired with Maverick? Look out world!

46. Maverick Sawyer

I will forever associate the name Sawyer with the science fiction show Lost. I love his redemptive arc, and if you haven’t gotten past season one, yes, he does have a redemptive arc.

From the English, Sawyer means “one who works with wood”.

47. Maverick Jeremiah

Yes, Jeremiah has four syllables, but it sounds pretty melodic when you say the pair out loud together.

Jeremiah has Hebrew origins and means, “one who is exalted by the Lord”.

48. Maverick Theodore

Ok, I know this is a mouthful, but Theodore does mean “a gift from God”, so I thought it worth putting out there.

Also, who knows? Your child might thank you thirty years from now that they have a classic middle name to fall back on.

49. Maverick Washington

The name meaning for Washington isn’t winning any awards: “from the intelligent one’s town”.

Far more often, parents choose Washington in honor of the US capital, the state of Washington or the first president. So if any of those are near and dear to your heart, Washington is a good choice for you.

50. Maverick Roman

Roman is a strong boy name, meaning simply “a citizen of Rome”. Together with Maverick, you’ve got two strong names.

51. Maverick Odin

From Norse mythology, Odin means “supreme deity.” You could choose it if you’re passionate about Norse mythology, I suppose?

Or just because it’s a two-syllable boy name that sounds good with Maverick.

52. Maverick Zephyr

Zephyr was the god of the west wind in Greek mythology, which reflects the name meaning: “of the west wind”, from the Greek.

53. Maverick Aeneas

This is probably my favorite middle name idea for Maverick, probably because I’m a sucker for Greek mythology (have you noticed?) and Aeneas was a demigod, son of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.

Aeneas means “worthy of praise”.

54. Maverick Soren

So I wanted to use this middle name as a first name for one of our boys! My husband didn’t go for it, but I still like the name.

Soren is Scandinavian and means “one who is strict or stern”.

55. Maverick Isaiah

Another biblical boy name, Isaiah is Hebrew for “God is my salvation”.

Pairing a trendy name like Maverick with a classic name like Isaiah could be a safe move. We did this with our third son, since my husband wasn’t sure he would always appreciate his unusual first name.

56. Maverick Odyssey

I stole this name from Homer’s The Odyssey. I like how this name sounds with Maverick far better than the boy name it’s derived from, the main character of The Odyssey: Odysseus.

Odysseus is a Greek name that means “one who roams”. In Greek mythology, Odysseus spends ten years trying to get back home after The Trojan War.

57. Maverick Gabriel

From the Hebrew, Gabriel means “a hero of God”. In the Bible, Gabriel is the messenger angel, bringing messages of God’s will to his people.

58. Maverick Ezra

Ezra is rising in popularity, at least in the United States. The name came in #26 this year (2023) according to Baby Center!

Ezra is of Hebrew origin and means simply, “a helper”.

59. Maverick Adam

Adam is Hebrew and means “of the earth”. Whether you choose this middle name based on its biblical roots or its nod to Parenthood’s Adam Braverman is up to you.

60. Maverick River

Nature names are so versatile! You could just as easily use Maverick River as you could Maverick Raine or Maverick Ocean.

An American name, River simply means “from the river”. Water is arguably nature’s most powerful force, making this a badass middle name to go with Maverick.

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61. Maverick Wesley

Wesley is English and means “from the western meadow”.

I can’t help but think of Wesley from The Princess Bride! It’s definitely a strong name worth considering.

62. Maverick Egan

Another name with “fiery” in the meaning, Egan has Gaelic origins and means “a little flame” or “one who is fiery.”

63. Maverick Creed

A creed is defined as, “a set of beliefs or aims which guides one’s actions.”

In my opinion, this Latin name fits perfectly with Maverick’s “non-conformity” meaning.

64. Maverick Lawrence

All I can think of when I hear Lawrence is Little Women. Lawrence (Laurie) was one of my favorite characters!

Again, the formality balances Maverick’s trendiness. Lawrence means “crowned with laurel,” which symbolizes victory.

65. Maverick Gael (Gale)

I’m a sucker for the Hunger Games movies. So if I had to pick a spelling, I’d personally go with Gale.

Again, this middle name doesn’t have the most glamorous meaning. From English, Gael means “one who is or speak Gaelic.”

66. Maverick Emmett

Emmett means “universal man” and has German origins.

It may or may not also be the name of a vampire in Twilight, so depending on how you feel about that…

67. Maverick Hudson

A name with another bland meaning – “son of Hugh”, Hudson is a great choice if you have a namesake in mind.

For instance, a parent or grandparent is named Hudson, or if you’re religious, someone like missionary Hudson Taylor.

68. Maverick Dakota

Dakota has Native American origins and means “a friend to all”. What a great hope for the future to give your son in a name.

69. Maverick Eden

A gender neutral name, Eden means “place of pleasure” or more notably, Adam and Eve’s original garden home in the Bible.

If you’re wanting a biblical boy name to pair with Maverick, Eden is a great choice.

70. Maverick Alexander

From the Greek, Alexander means “helper and defender of mankind”. Powerful, especially when paired with Maverick.

smiling baby boy dressed in blue pajamas, laying on belly on the floor, pushing up with arms.

Whatever Middle Name You Choose, Your Little Maverick Will Be Amazing

Try not to stress too much over a middle name. You might be saying it many MANY times over the next eighteen years, but it’s not as big of a deal as it seems.

Whatever you do, enjoy your little Maverick!

Wishing you all the best with labor and delivery and a baby who sleeps through the night early (a parent can dream, right?).

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