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Mysterious Boy Names Inspired by Literature and Film

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Inside: Searching for mysterious boy names? We’ve got several to choose from, including gender neutral and rare choices.

Why does naming boys have to be so dang difficult? There’s just not as many names to choose from. 

I should know: we have three boys, and if it had been solely up to me, all three would have a name from this list. I love rare, dark and mysterious boy names.

The rest of the world can have the Liams, the Noahs, and the Levis.

We’ll take the Phoenix’s, Bellamy’s and Tobias’s, thank you very much.

Drawn mostly from film, tv shows and literature, these boy names are strong, powerful and fairly unique, at least at the time of this writing. 

I hope you discover some “new to you” names to add to your baby name list! 

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Dark, Mysterious Boy Names to Add to Your List


I debated adding “dark” to the description because people often associate “dark” with bad, but here’s why I decided to go with it (bear with me):

Dark is not necessarily “bad”. I like to see dark and mysterious as the redemptive qualities of night – a crucial time for quiet, rest and dreaming.

Name meanings were sourced from sites like The Bump, Baby Center, and more. Unique meanings that don’t correspond to the general consensus are linked for easy reference. 

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1. Aro

Aro means “warrior” in Egyptian, and “mountain of strength” or “exalted” in Hebrew. 

So unlike the borderline villain vampire king of Twilight, Aro could be perfect if you want a mysterious boy name with fantastic meanings.

2. Maxwell

I will never forget watching Roswell every week in high school: my friend taped it for me because I wasn’t allowed to watch TV Monday through Thursday. 

Mysterious Maxwell (a.k.a. Max), the sexy, subdued alien with the smoldering gaze for the beautiful human Liz Parker, had me from episode one.

Maxwell is Scottish and means “great stream”. And what’s more powerful and mysterious than water? 

Stick with the more formal Maxwell, with a nickname Max (or Well, if you’re feeling adventurous).

3. Adrian

In this case, the name Adrian holds a mysterious meaning: in Latin, Adrian can sometimes mean “dark one”. Dark is not necessarily bad – how many amazing things happen at night?!

I also can’t help picturing Adrian from the popular TV series Manifest. He definitely is mysterious, having his darker moments and his redeeming ones. 

4. Aleksander

If you haven’t read the Shadow & Bone fantasy series, RUN to your closest library and grab a copy (the Netflix show was decent, but the ending, not so much).

Aleksander is the complicated Darkling. Villain? Yes. But he also tugs at your sympathy strings from time to time, too.

The name itself means “defender or warrior of the people.” I can’t think of a better name meaning for a boy’s name than that.

5. Kylo

While we’re waltzing our way down “complicated villain lane”, there’s the mysterious Kylo Ren who has a freaking fantastic redemption arc. 

(If you’re not a Star Wars fan/nerd, sorry not sorry.)

Kylo means “sky” or “heavenly”. A great alternative to the overly popular boy’s name Kai!

6. Atwood

The powers that be in the baby name space all seem to agree that Atwood has no deeper meaning, other than “at the woods” or something like it.

The name itself just had a mysterious ring to it. And using a last name as a first name is coming back into vogue as well.

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7. Atlas

Atlas, the Titan sentenced to holding up the sky. Names from Greek mythology are some of the best! The name itself means “to carry”, likely taken from the Greek myths.

I met an Atlas the other day – a girl – but this is definitely a non-binary name and can be used for baby boys, too.

8. Edward

I will forevermore associate the name Edward with the mysterious vampire from Twilight. 

Edward can sometimes be associated with wealth or prosperity, it can also mean “guardian” and “protector”. Perfect for a boy! 

Eddie can be a great nickname, but if you’re really wanting that mysterious flare, stick with the full name Edward. 

9. Nicolai

Another character from Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow & Bone trilogy, Nicolai is definitely dark and mysterious, but in a dashing, fantastic way!

One of my favorite characters, Nicolai returns from oblivion to try and save the kingdom from the Darkling (remember Aleksander?). The name means “victory of the people”. 

(Are many of these names inspired by books and movies and TV shows? Why yes, yes they are.)

10. Magnus

A strong name meaning “great” in Latin, Magnus is the star of Rick Riordan’s series Magnus Chase, young adult fiction based on Norse Mythology.

Spoiler warning…

There’s nothing more mysterious than dying and spending your entire book existence in Valhalla and then saving the world, right?

11. Phoenix

Phoenix doesn’t necessarily have the most magical name meaning in the world. Unless you find “dark red” a compelling meaning. 

But the Phoenix in Greek mythology was definitely mystical: a bird that grew to adulthood only to burst into flames and start the life cycle all over again. I can’t help but think of Harry Potter, as Dumbledore kept a phoenix in his study.

Or, ya know, you could just associate the name with Joaquin Phoenix, and you’ve got more dark and mysterious than you could ever need. [Wink]

12. Rowan

There’s just something appealing to me about the name Rowan. From Irish origins, the name means “red-haired”. Nothing special, I know.

Perhaps it just tugs at my love of fantasy novels, but I highly recommend snatching this one up! It was only around #50 in popularity, so grab this boy name while it’s still low on the list.

13. Covington

When I hear the name Covington, I picture old castles (and sweeping mountaintops). And old castles always hold more than a little mystery!

No one seems to agree on the name meaning, with everything from “from Covington” to “settlement near a cave” suggested online. 

14. Damian

Damian means “to master”. It just has a mysterious ring to it. 

Actor Damian Lewis brought this name into the spotlight. This Irish baby boy name isn’t used all that often, making it a great choice if you’re looking for something unique.

15. Gaebril

A unique spin on the popular name Gabriel, there isn’t even a name meaning listed for this one, so you could just borrow Gabriel’s “messenger of God” if you want.

I stole this one from The Wheel of Time fantasy series. If you’re unfamiliar, I have to be up front: Gaebril does happen to be a villain in the story…But I still love the name!

16. Bellamy

I adored Bellamy’s character in The One Hundred, even if he did have a crazy end story. Clark’s right-hand man, he offers so much strength and wisdom throughout the series.  

The character’s full name is “Bellamy Blake”, which I think makes a perfect first and middle name combo if you’re a fan of the show (or just the sound of the name!). 

And the name meaning – “good friend” – what an awesome life prediction for your little man!

17. Griffin

Another Greek mythology name for the win! A griffin was a mythical beast with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. 

As you might recall from Harry Potter, the students need to practice utmost respect and “bow” to griffins before being allowed to mount them. (Long live Buckbeak!)

The name means “prince” or “great lord” or “great chief”, or something majestic along those lines. Whatever meaning you choose, it’s a solid name choice.

18. Tobias

Mysterious Tobias Eaton is the rough around the edges main character from the Divergent series (stick to the books, not the movies). 

Nicknamed “Four” because he only has four fears, which is unheard of, he turns out to be such a great guy – perfect for Trish. 

The name itself means “God is good”, which could make or break it as a name choice. But if I had another boy, I would for sure be using this name!

19. Callum

Callum means “dove”, nothing over-the-top mystical about that. But its ties to an old Celtic saint sold me on including it in this list. 

The name itself has a nice ring to it, and the nickname “Cal” is adorable. There is also a ton of spelling variations you could take advantage of if you want something unique: Calum and Kallum to name a couple.

20. Augustus

Roman history, anyone? This name was made famous, of course, by emperor Caesar Augustus, first emperor of Rome. His uncle was Julius Caesar.

The name means “majestic or venerable”. You could go with “August” as a nickname, or Auggie, if you like.

21. Sloan

If you don’t know who Mark Sloan is, what rock are you living under? Does he live a bit on the wild side? Sure. Is he still one of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy characters? Absolutely.

And the name meaning: “rider” or “warrior”. What a strong name for a boy! 

22. Banning

If you want a unique last name as a first name, Banning could be a great choice, especially if you have Irish heritage.

Meaning “son of the fair one”, Banning is also a very unique boy name. Mysterious and unique. Double win.

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23. Rhett

Ok, I know that Gone With the Wind is not the best book/movie given the glorification of The South, but you can’t deny that Rhett Butler is dark and mysterious. He was the perfect one for Scarlett. Sigh.

It means “to speak”. “Rhys” is a variant of Rhett and could be a great alternative to consider, too.

24. Desmond

Just say “Desmond” out loud (preferably with a British accent), and you’ll know why it made the list. 

Meaning “gracious defender” or the more boring “from south Munster”, Desmond could be amazing with the nickname “Des”. 

25. Dorian

If you want a complex boy name, Dorian from The Picture of Dorian Gray fits the bill. A novel with a complicated main character who is both the good guy and the bad guy at the same time? Definitely mysterious, and I just love the sound of name itself. 

Most sources agree that the name means “of Dorus”, but one also claims it could mean “of the sea.”

26. Heath

The name Heath, meaning “someone who lives on a moor or heath”, was always one of my favorites, maybe because I really loved Heath Ledger back in the day (10 Things I Hate About You, anyone? A Knight’s Tale?). 

Heath was on my list of possible baby boy names, but it was sadly rejected by my hubby. So please – take it!

27. Darcey

Pride and Prejudice’s Darcey: dreamy, misunderstood, mysterious. He’s all.the.things. One of the best characters from Jane Austen’s novels.

The name itself means “dark”, and definitely fits the “mysterious names for boys” category.

28. Edgar

Nothing says dark and mysterious like Edgar Allen Poe. If you’re unfamiliar, he was an American writer well-known for his mysterious (and sometimes creepy) short stories and poetry, like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven.

Edgar means “wealthy spear” or “rich spearman”.

29. Atticus

Nothing like strong and steady Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. Stand in solidarity with banned books, and name your babe Atticus.

For such a sophisticated name, it does have a bit of a ho-hum meaning – “Athenian” – but hey, it could still a great choice! 

30. Elias

This name comes from my favorite fantasy series The Wheel of Time. In the books, Elias is a strong, rugged man who can talk to wolves in his mind. He mentors and supports Perrin, a main character, navigating the same ability. 

Elias does happen to be a biblical name meaning “My God is Yahweh”, so if you aren’t cool with biblical names, you may want to skip this one. 

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31. Blaike

This name means seemingly opposite things: “dark” and “fair”. There’s nothing more mysterious than a name with that kind of dichotomy.

This particular spelling is unique compared to the more often used “Blake.”

32. Oswald

Oswald can mean “divine power” or “god rule”. The whole British ruggedness of Oswald could give your little one a strong name with a rich heritage. 

If you come from a Christian background, Oswald Chambers was a famous Scottish evangelist and is most known for his daily devotional My Utmost for His Highest.

33. Marlowe

This elegant gender neutral name has different meanings suggested, including “from the hill by the lake” and “driftwood”. Marlowe is a sophisticated alternative spelling for the more commonly used Marlow or Marlo. 

Just to be up front, this name is more commonly used for girls, so make sure to take that into consideration. But it is on trend to use surnames as first names, so there’s that. 

34. Roswell

There’s nothing more mysterious in the United States than Roswell, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists believe a UFO landed there years ago (with the government covering it up, of course).

Regardless of how you feel about UFOs, Roswell is a strong name that I am sure isn’t widely used! Embrace your love of mystery and the unknown, and give Roswell a shot. 

35. Blaise

We snatched this one up for our second son. While the actual meaning is “lisp”, we decided to name him after Blaise Pascal, the mathematician responsible for Pascal’s triangle. He was also one of the world’s most famous philosophers. 

Between all of his amazing discoveries and his powerful encounters with the divine, we found him mysterious and inspirational. And I’m biased, but our son definitely embodies his philosophy, mystery and depth. 

“Blaze” is becoming popular, but I much prefer this spelling and the legacy behind it.

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36. Forrest

Forrest simply means “of the woods”, and the woods are full of mystery, aren’t they? The name is actually growing in popularity, especially in the United States.

You probably also can’t help but think of Forrest Gump when you hear this name. Depending on how you feel about the movie, that could sway you one way or the other. Personally, I can’t help loving the name even more because of the movie and the main character. 

37. Rand

Ok, last nod to The Wheel of Time – promise! I feel like it’s justified now that Amazon Prime deemed it worthy of bringing to film. 

Rand Al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn, a role that comes with the potential for being pulled to the dark side. But spoiler alert: in the books at least, he figures out how to cleanse the source from the taint, beat the Dark One and you know, save the world. 

It’s a badass boy name, y’all. Definitely worth considering!

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38. Easton

Another gender neutral name, Easton means “from the east” or “near the east”. It’s also another surname used as a first name.

There’s not much more to say about this one. It’s refined, elegant, and definitely unique, although it is slowly moving up the ranks (Easton was the 70th most popular boy name in 2021, according to Datayze).

39. Carlisle

A second Twilight reference, for good measure. Carlisle is the patriarch of the Cullins’ “family” in the Twilight series. 

And you can’t help but love Carlisle. He is the one who decided to be different than other vampires, to pursue medicine out of compassion for the human race and a desire to help people. 

The name means “from the protected tower” or “from the walled city”. Some think it’s stuffy, but to me, it speaks of being protection for those you care about. 

(You might also consider Carl, meaning “free man”.)

40. Alistair

Meaning “defender of the people”, Alistair has a rich history of both famous people and film characters. You can read through them all HERE.

If I had to take my pick, I’d choose Alastor (a fun alternative spelling) Moody from Harry Potter. He definitely qualifies as mysterious, from the impostor issue when you first meet him in Goblet of Fire to a rough around the edges, but definitely a fierce protector and defender of what is right.

baby boy with mysterious name walking on road in comfy shoes

What Makes a “Mysterious Baby Boy Name” Mysterious? You Tell Me

That description is so subjective! A name I find dark and mysterious, you might associate with, I don’t know, puppies?

I hope these names at least gave you a place to start if gothic, mysterious names are what you’re going for. Maybe your baby boy will bear one of these names as a first or middle name. 

Either way, good luck in the naming process. It’s a wild ride.

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