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75+ Cute and Unique Baby Names (Different, but not Weird)

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Inside: Looking for baby names that are different, but not weird? You’re sure to find at least a few solid contenders from this list of over 75 cute and unique baby names!

Except for our first baby, deciding on a baby name was a struggle for my husband and I. We somehow instantly agreed on a baby girl’s first and middle name where BOTH names ended up remaining on the top 10 most popular baby names list for years to come.

Face palm.

For babies 2-5, I was searching for cute AND unique baby names (read: names that weren’t in the top 100).

My only problem was that every single name I came up with, my husband would instantly veto. “Do you know how many awful nicknames bullies can make out of that in middle school?” was his incessant refrain.

Granted, he wasn’t coming up with ANY baby names on his end. He just vetoed.

A few of our babies remained nameless for hours after birth, but I somehow managed to get him to agree on at least ONE unique baby name, which I included on this list. Any guesses?

While finding an uncommon baby name you and your spouse can agree on can be like the stars aligning type of moment, you ultimately want to find baby names that are different, but not weird, amiright?

So in the spirit of helping you on your quest, here are 75+ cute and unusual baby names (cute in my opinion, anyway) to add to your list!

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75+ Cute and Unique Baby Names


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1. Ace

Latin, meaning “one or expert”. It’s only fitting this strong boy name should be first on the list.

2. Adalie

Hebrew & German background, meaning “God is my refuge.” Could be shortened to the nickname “Addy”.

3. Aleatha

Pronounced “al-ee-thia”, this American name with Greek and Latin roots means “truth”.  A beautifully classic name with integrity.

4. Amara

Indian, meaning “eternal”.

5. Amorette

The French word Amor means love. Combined with “-ette” you have a tiny “little love”.

6. Arabella

English in origin. According to some sources, Arabella means “beautiful lion,” to others, “obliging.” You could also use this more uncommon name as the official first name, while using the cute and popular nickname “Bella”.

7. Arella

Hebrew, meaning “angel”. It fits with the popular “-a” endings, while still being well into the 2,000’s in popularity rankings.

8. Ari

A Hebrew boy name meaning “lion”.

9. Artemis

“Goddess of the moon” in Greek mythology.

10. Atticus

Did you know that To Kill a Mockingbird is the #2 most read book in America next to the Bible? Atticus is simultaneously cute AND strong. And you don’t come across that kind of a baby name very often.

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11. August

From the Latin name “Augustus”, August means “to increase” or “esteemed”. Not just for babies born in the month of August (this from someone named for a month NOT her birth month).

12. Avonlea

English, meaning “field by the river”. Any Anne of Green Gables fan will appreciate a more rare baby name alternative to the popular “Anne with an ‘e'”.

13. Atlas

Greek, meaning “support or prop”. Atlas is also a Greek mythological Titan who is usually shown holding the world on his back.

14. Ayla

Hebrew, meaning “oak tree”. That’s one tough girl’s name!

15. Beck

English, meaning “from the brook”.

16. Baxley

Or Bax for short! English origin, meaning “baker’s meadow”.

17. Birdee

This name has mixed origins – American, German, and English. It means “bright, famous, and little bird.”

18. Blair

From Gaelic, meaning “field or plain”, Blair is a strong and unique name for a strong and beautiful baby girl. The spelling “Blaire” is an alternative, but it is slightly more popular than this version.

19. Blaise

Celtic in origin, this cute and uncommon baby name means “firebrand.”

You’d be naming your child after Blaise Pascal, a 17th century mathematician whose claim to fame is well-known “Pascal’s Triangle” used in probably theory today.

20. Bree

I love this name! And I wanted to use this as a nickname for our most recent addition – Gabrielle.

It didn’t stick as a nickname (we went with the more typical “Gabby”), but please use it! It’s cute and different at the same time, and means “strength” or “hill”.

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21. Cali

Greek, meaning “cup; fairest, most beautiful, or lovely. It’s an adorable geographical name of a place for parents who love CA.

22. Carl

My dad’s name, Carl is definitely due for a come back! Of German origins, Carl means “man”.

23. Clover

English, the name of the flower which is a symbol of luck, wealth, and comfort.

24. Carewyn

Welsh, meaning “love, fair, blessed.”

25. Davion

A combination of David, a biblical name meaning “beloved” and Darrion, which means “gift”. The nickname “Davy” would be adorable with this one.

26. Della

German mythology in origin, Della means “of nobility”.

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27. Emberlynn

This is a modern American created name combining Ember and Lynn. The name “Ember” is known to be a derivative of “Amber”, the name of a gem made from fossilized tree resin. “Lynn” is an English name meaning “lake, waterfall, or pool”.

28. Estella

This classic and underused Spanish name means “star”. It’s also a literary nod to Estella Havisham from Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations.

29. Fallon

Irish, meaning “ruler of the family”. Be careful with this one!

30. Garrett

Anglo-Saxon, meaning “rules by the spear”.

31. Gilbert

Another Anne of Green Gables inspired name, Gilbert isn’t necessarily the cutest name, but the nickname “Gil” certainly qualifies…at least if you’ve seen Anne of Avonlea and heard the way Anne calls him “Gil”. Happy sighs over here just thinking about it.

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32. Hollis

English meaning “near the holly”. If mama’s name is Holly, this would make an adorable namesake for a boy or girl!

33. Hendrix

Dutch and German origin, meaning “estate ruler”. It’s also a rockin’ unisex name for parents who love Jimmi Hendrix.

34. Imrie

Hebrew, meaning “my words spoken”. A perfect name for the perfect reminder of God’s promises.

35. Jovie

American, meaning “jovial, joyful”. This is going to the name of one very happy baby!

36. Kai

A Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “sea”. A perfect name for your water baby-to-be.

37. Knox

English, meaning “from the small hill”. John Knox was also the founder of the Scottish Presbyterian church.

38. Kova

Modern American created. Kova can be linked to the Hawaiian name Koa, which means “tallest tree”.

39. Kyson

Modern American created. Close to the name Tyson, which is of French origin and means “high-spirited”.

40. Lake

This name makes it onto the “rare but beautiful baby name” list. No meaning beyond the body of water with the same name.

41. Lennon

English, Irish origin, typically meaning “lover”. It’s also a tribute to John Lennon if mom and dad are fans.

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42. Lorelai

The strong, sassy single mom from Gilmore Girls, a little Lorelai would be adorable for a baby name.

43. Lucienne

French, meaning “light”. “Lucy” for short if you’re in the market for a nickname.

44. Magali

French, meaning “pearl”. “Maggie” or “Mags” are two precious short choices for this baby name.

45. Marlow

This male English name means “lake remains” or “driftwood”.

46. Melinda

From the Greek, meaning “gentle and dark.” Could be paired with the adorable nickname “Mel.”

47. Mika

Hungarian, Japanese and Russian in origin. This adorable name means “beautiful fragrance.”

48. Nailah

Arabic. A female name meaning “successful”. Girl power!

49. Naji

This male Arabic name means “safe”.

50. Nellie

I was shocked to see that this name is surprisingly rare! Absolutely adorable, Nellie is variant of Ellen and Eleanor, which both mean “light”. And as long as you haven’t seen the show Little House on the Prairie, you’ll love bringing back this cute and unique baby name.

51. Percy

French in origin, Percy means, “piercing the valley.” Perhaps it will be popular one day with Percy Jackson fans, but for now, it sits close to 2000 in popularity.

52. Perrin

An alternative to the baby name “Peter”, this very unusual, but strong name means, “rock”.

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53. Piper

English, meaning “flute player”. This name is rising in popularity, making it into the top 100 names. But it still qualifies as cute and unusual!

54. Pike

English, meaning “spear”. This name also gives reference to Pike’s Peak in Colorado, named after Zebulon Pike, an 18th-century explorer. Perfect for parents who love to be outdoors!

55. Posie

English, meaning “small flower”. This little name speaks for itself.

56. Raleigh

Anglo-Saxon in origin, meaning “field of birds”. Named after Sir Walter Raleigh and the city I currently call home, Raleigh is super cute and definitely unique!

57. Rand

English, a strong baby name for a boy meaning “living on the riverbank”.

58. Rae

This baby name means “doe”, and is a derivative of the more popular name Rachel. This name may become more popular as Star Wars fans have babies, but in the new movies, the spelling is “Rey”.

59. Remi

French origin, meaning “from the Rheims”, a town in central France.

60. Rollin

German, meaning “renowned land”. This baby name could be used for a boy OR a girl, although for girls it is considered an extremely rare choice. …Which maybe is what you’re going for?

61. Rory

Gilmore Girls fans again? Rory is a great name on its own, although you could use it as a nickname for Lorelai. They rank the same popularity-wise.

62. Rowen

With Irish and English roots, Rowen means “little red-head” or “red”. The spelling “Rowan” is far more popular than this one.

While this baby name is typically used for boys, you could also use Rowena for a baby girl.

63. Sabrina

Latin, meaning “from the border”. Brings back fond memories of the elegant Audrey Hepburn in the older version of the movie Sabrina, and Julia Ormond in the 1995 version.

64. Shepherd

No particular name meaning other than the obvious definition, but the nickname “Shep” is just adorable.

65. Soren

Danish origins, meaning “stern”. But you could think of your little Soren as more on the serious side…and adorable of course.

66. Sydney

Where are my Alias fans at? I SO wanted to be Sydney Bristow, Jennifer Garner butt-kicking spy from the popular 90’s TV show. Anyone else?

From French origins, Sydney means “wide meadow”, with “Syd” being a cute nickname option.

67. Vale

A cute and unusual baby name with English origins, Vale means “lives in the valley.”

68. Thalia

Greek or Hebrew, meaning “joyful or blooming” or  “morning dew”. A character in the Percy Jackson books, half-blood daughter of Zeus. Could be shortened to the cute nickname “Tali”.

The more common spelling “Talia” is markedly more popular, but still nowhere near the top 100 more popular baby names.

69. Vance

English, meaning “from the marsh”. It’s also close to the name Van, which is an English name meaning “from the family of”.

70. Vaughn

Back to Alias, Michael Vaughn was one of the main characters and constantly called “Vaughn” instead of “Michael”. Vaughn is quite rare, but a strong and wonderful name for a boy! The only potential downside to this one would be the name meaning – “small”.

71. Seraphina

Of Hebrew origin. Seraphina means, “fiery”. Could be shortened as a nickname to “Sera”, similar to the far more popular name “Sarah”.

72. Wilma

From German or Teutonic roots, Wilma comes from the name “William”, meaning “strong-willed warrior.” While this name is not very popular in the United States, it does happen to be in the top ten most popular baby names in Sweden.

So if you’re Swedish or planning to spend significant time in Sweden, you may want to reconsider this baby name choice.

73. Winona

Of American Indian origin, it means “first-born daughter”.

Made well-known by actress Winona Ryder, this one is still fairly uncommon. That could change any time, but for now, I’m still counting it in the “unique baby names” camp (plus, it’s cute!).

74. Yanni

Hebrew, meaning “gift of God”. Keep in mind that this one may be more popular if you have a Hebrew background.

75. Zaide

Arabic, meaning “increasing or surplus”. A powerful boy or girl name for your little blessing. It’s also a cute and unusual baby name alternative to the more popular name “Sadie”.

76. Zora

From the Greek, meaning “dawn”. You’d be naming your little one after famous American anthropologist and author Zora Neale Hurston.

Do you have any more cute and unique baby names to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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